Class Offerings

Prenatal Yoga (75 minutes) – Expecting Mothers

Prenatal yoga focuses on poses for pregnant women in order to increase strength and flexibility. It also helps pregnant women to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques for easier and more comfortable labor.

Mommy & Me (60 minutes) – 6 Weeks to Crawlers

Mommy & Me yoga is a great way to ease back into exercise while connecting both emotionally and physically with your baby.

This is a safe space to practice letting baby roam free, allowing them to behave as babies do without worrying how it is affecting others. For some, this will also be a safe place to practice breastfeeding in public for the first time.

This class provides moms the opportunity to regain core strength, tone muscles, and connect with other moms.

Partner Prenatal Workshop (75 minutes) – Held Every Six Weeks

Partner Prenatal Yoga is a practice of yoga postures done in physical contact with another person. Students experience a deeper sense of release and stretching through sharing weight and touch with their partners.

If you have been wanting to try Prenatal Yoga, this is the perfect opportunity. Show your partner/support system how they can help you during labor. You will learn yoga poses which could be useful during labor and delivery.

You will also practice alternative birthing positions and how to get in and out of them as well as intuitive massage/counter pressure techniques to help relieve pain during labor.

Children’s Yoga (Currently Unavailable) – Ages 3 – 6

In this playful yoga class, children will learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises which cultivate a calm mind, increase strength and flexibility, improve fine motor skills, improve concentration, and help them understand how to identify and manage their feelings.

Games, stories, and music will be incorporated into this fun, non-competitive class. Perfect for parent/child bonding time! Each class will end with a period of relaxation.

Children’s Yoga (Currently Unavailable) – Ages 7 – 12

In this class, the children will improve their strength, balance, attention, and coordination through fun yoga games, experience meditation, and breathing techniques as well as partner and group poses.

They will learn stress coping mechanisms and work on building self-esteem in a non-competitive environment. This active class offers a deeper understanding of the yoga practice while improving strength, flexibility, and coordination.

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