Here at Happy Baby Yoga, our passion and focus has become prenatal, postpartum, and children’s yoga. Our goal is to support women in exploring their prenatal/postnatal capabilities while cultivating greater self-awareness through appropriate poses, meditation, education, and community. We believe that the birthing experience can provide empowerment to women when they are in touch with their body and intuition.

All of our classes are in-person allowing for a more focused, relaxed, and personalized experience.

Your time is now. Nurture and Unwind.

What people are saying about Happy Baby Yoga…

Brittney is AMAZING at what she does. I love the private one on one prenatal classes. It really allows her to personalize to my needs and where I am at in my pregnancy. I always feel so much better when I leave. Her studio is immaculate and always smells good. She works hard to make sure I am getting the most out of the time I spend there. Amazing yoga instructor really knows her stuff!

Jenna-lynn J..

The Pre-natal classes are personal. They are small so you get lots of one-on-one. If there is something that you like or don’t like Britt will adapt to whatever you ask. I really enjoy her classes and I plan on signing up after I deliver my baby as well!

Brittany B.

I went to Happy Baby Yoga towards the end of my pregnancy. It was nice to move my body, and have the instructor know so much about prenatal yoga. When I was about six months postpartum, I began going back to yoga, and it has been wonderful! I feel like I’m easing back into movement, but still challenging my body, while being grateful for what it has accomplished. I love Happy baby Yoga, and have brought several friends with me!

Michelle I.

In 2021 I had the opportunity to witness Brittney share her dedication of prenatal and postnatal yoga practices as a mentor. Her knowledge and skill-set paired with her gentle nature provide a wonderful place for this special time in life. I believe Happy Baby Yoga will be a long-standing foundational space for birth-givers to receive kind, loving, and supportive care when they need it the most.

Elise B.